What we do

We provide our talent search and acqusition services across a number of key sectors set out below.  Knitting together skillset, team spirit, chemistry and trust is key to getting a strategic high performing team.

We partner with SMEs to global leading organisations to help identify talent across our specialisms for permanent, interim and contract opportunities. 

Our Sectors


  • Focus on attracting highly skilled and experienced senior Directors, Managers and Executives to fill strategically important roles within an organisations.
  • Using a retained search we identify individuals where their role will have strategic oversight either for the entirety of the organisation (executive management) or for a division or department (senior and middle level management).
  • Typical roles include all C Suite management, Managing Directors & all other types of Director, General Managers, Vice Presidents & Senior Management.

Finance & Professional Services

Finance & Accountancy 

All organisations benefit from high performing finance functions as valued strategic advisors to the business.  Having an in depth knowledge of the accountancy and finance market we ensure to deliver end to end management of the search process.

Types of roles include:

  • Transactional Finance (AP/AR, Payroll and Credit Control)
  • Business Analysts
  • Management Accounting (Qualified & Part Qualified)
  • Financial Accounting
  • Internal & External Audit
  • Corporate Finance
  • FP&A, Finance Business Partner & Systems
  • Financial Management (Manager, Controller & Director)
  • Property & Construction
  • Qualified Building & Quantity Surveyors
  • Legal 
  • Corporate & Commercial, Property & Construction and Litigation both in practice and in-house across all levels from paralegals to qualified solicitors 
  • Qualified solicitors, Legal counsels, general counsels, paralegals, legal executives, in-houselawyers, company secretaries and more.


Investment in marketing & creative professionals has never been so important than over recent years.  The rise of various platforms to reach new customers and generate revenue has led to a huge creator economy where these functions are critical within businesses.  We work hard to identify leaders within these fields and get excited about discussing fantastic opportunities provided by the clients we work with whether that is with an agency or in house.

Marketing & Creative roles we recruit across:

  • Brand Management
  • Bids & Business Development
  • Content & copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing & Marketing
  • Account Management
  • Creative Services
  • Digital Projects
  • Ecommerce Management
  • PPC & SEO
  • PR Account Management
  • Strategist
  • UI & UX Designer  
  •  Web Development  

Tech & Digital:

The business landscape has been hugely transformed in rapid technological advances in digitalisation and analytics amplifying performance, pushing business innovation and developing new forms of competition.  As these technologies continue to evolve so do the individuals within these operations. We work closely with organisations to ensure they are ahead of the curve in terms of talent within the data driven world.

Digital & Technology roles across:

  • Cyber Security:
  • This area focuses on keeping the data of organizations and users secure, as well as the preventative measures taken to reduce harm in the event of a breach.  Analysts. Information security analysts.
  • Software development:
  • This programming-focused branch of IT revolves around building or modifying software applications to meet users’ needs. Software Development
  • IT infrastructure:
  • This focus area refers to the design, planning and implementation of IT-related hardware, usually done on an organization-wide scale.  Computer Network Engineers/Architects and infrastructure managers, network administrators. Head of IT, CRM professionals and more.;
  • IT support:
  • This refers to the professionals who assist end users (or other IT support specialists) with day-to-day technical issues. IT Project Managers.
  • Data management:
  • Design of structured database systems, creating data loss contingency plans and analysis of gathered data. Account Management.

Commercial & Operations:

Each business is unique and each business has a way in which commercial and operations work together to drive revenue for the organisation.  What is imperative for a large manufacturing PLC and how it is run will not be the same for a privately owned 25 employee SEO agency.

However what is true for both is that these operations are constantly influx and will vary depending on market conditions & performance.

Areas that we support within this field focus around Processes & People.

The fundamental roles within an organisation that we support include

  • Sales:
  • Sales Team Leader
  • Business Development Representative
  • Inbound/outbound Sales
  • Account Manager/Executive
  • Customer Service
  • Engineering & Production:
  • Distribution
  • Production Control
  • Engineers
  • Operational managers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Plant Managers
  • Learning & Development
  • Human Resource Managers & Specialists
  • Employee Relations 
  • Employee Experience specialists
  • Talent/Recruitment (in house)
  • Learning & Development
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