Connecting Leadership to Opportunity.

Talent Search & Acquisition Specialists 

Our Vision

The way the world works has changed dramatically in recent years and our vision is to connect key individuals with great opportunities where, together, we thrive.

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Our Values.

Our values drive the decisions we make and are embedded in how we operate as a search partner.

Fortune favours
the bold

We are not fearless but we have professional confidence in what we do and how we do it.  If we aren’t challenging your thinking then we aren’t adding value.

Our prized

Integrity is something we never compromise on! Straight up conversations where we encourage an open exchange of ideas and opinions.

Fly like an

We want to see ourselves, our clients and our candidates reach the altitude they are meant to, soaring to success.

On the

Market conditions change and we are passionate about being experts in our approach maintaining insights into current trends within our service offering.

Air tight

We believe in what we do and how we do things. Each project is thought out, executed and delivered as set out.


We build together, we stand up to do right by those we work with and we are true to our values and beliefs.

Ardeta Search

Ardeta Search is a leadership recruitment search specialist where we engage in a partnership with our clients to identify talent for their organisations across a multitude of sectors and disciplines.

We understand that not everyone will identify themselves as a leader but leadership comes in many different guises.  Its not always about status and job title but about mindset and leading by example.  Different types of leadership are needed throughout an organisation whether that is an Executive or Director, Head of a division or team, or whether that is an individual who possesses certain skill sets and expertise which make them leaders in their field regardless of level.

Connecting individuals to these opportunities is what we are passionate about.  Whichever type of opportunity it is we are here to help connect great individuals and talent to those positions and it is our passion and expertise in doing this that allows us to build successful long lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.


Every leader within a business reflects the efficiency and quality of their organisation and as such the talent search and acquisition process must be carefully planned using the best methods and most useful resources. 

With a number of key strategies to effectively partner with clients the aim of Ardeta Search is to work with organisations to empower them to attract the best talent for roles requiring leadership within their organisation.

Operating from a number of recruitment hubs, Sheffield & London, we provide clients across Yorkshire, London & the South, and key European focal points search mandates for leadership hires within their organisation.  Throughout all processes we endeavour to own and resolve customer and candidate issues with diligence treating every stakeholder with respect and integrity along the way.

Building a network of Ardeta Advocates is what we are passionate about.

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